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Anti-Scratch Pads

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Preserve the Pristine Look of Your Cookware with Boohgle Anti-Scratch Pads

  • Step up your kitchen care game with the Boohgle Anti-Scratch Pads, meticulously designed to guard the base of your pots and pans.
  • Rigorously crafted, these pads ensure a snug fit for your cookware, diminishing the chances of wear and tear.
  • Experience a new era of scratch-free cooking, courtesy of their universal design, making them compatible with most Boohgle cookware.

Witness the magic unfold as your pots and pans remain untouched by scratches or dents, even with regular usage.Adopt the Boohgle Anti-Scratch Pads as an essential kitchen companion and see your cookware maintain its lustrous shine.

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Shield Your Cookware Like Never Before

  • 1 Boohgle Anti-Scratch Pad: The perfect protector for your pots and pans, ensuring they remain in pristine condition, regardless of the frequency of use. A must-have for every modern kitchen.
  • Dimensions: 8cm length, 3.5cm width
  • Weight: 11g
  • Material: High-quality, durable rubber
  • Compatibility: Fits a broad spectrum of Boohgle cookware
FAQ + -
How do I apply the Boohgle Anti-Scratch Pads to my cookware?
  • Simply place the pad at the base of your cookware before cooking. Its non-slip design ensures it remains in place, offering optimum protection.
Will the pads withstand high temperatures?
  • Yes, the Boohgle Anti-Scratch Pads are made from heat-resistant materials, ensuring they don’t melt or deform under high temperatures.
How often should I replace the pads?
  • For best results, check the pads for signs of wear and tear regularly. However, with standard usage, they are built to last a long time.
Are these pads exclusively for Boohgle cookware?
  • While designed primarily for Boohgle cookware, their versatile design means they can fit a variety of other brands too. However, always check the dimensions before use.


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Anti Scratch Pads to keep you pans looking pristine and scratch free!

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