"A Step Towards a Sustainable Future With Each Exchange"


First Ever Campaign

A Movement That Begins With Your First Exchange

By returning your used Boohgle cookware to us, you are helping us maintain our 60% recycled levels, as we can reuse the returned aluminum, thereby preserving substantial amounts of resources and energy.


  • Making Sustainability a Reality
  • Leading the Forefront of Healthy Cooking
  • Maintaining the Lowest Prices with the Highest Satisfaction
  • Producing Craftsmanship That Speaks to its Quality

Are They Really Dangerous?

Fluororesin coatings, made with PFOA and similar chemicals, can release toxic substances into food when heated to typical cooking temperatures. These coatings have been linked to cancers, developmental and reproductive problems and immune disorders.

There's a Lot of Coatings.
Which Ones are Fluororesin Coatings Though?

There may be a lot, but if you look into each carefully, you'll find that they're all fluororesin coatings. Even if the exterior of cookware is coated with ceramic, the inner lining that comes into direct contact with our food may be made of fluororesin too.


Fluororesin Pans are
Putting all of us at Risk

Despite these risks, millions are unaware of the potential dangers of fluororesin coated frying pans and continue to be exposed to fluororesin fumes while cooking.

Cooking is a Necessity,
Health Should be no Exception.
But Fluororesin-Free Nonstick
Needs a Solution.

Solving a Problem With
no Simple Solution

We spent countless hours with chefs and craftsmen alike, and finally found a solution that wouldn't make any compromises. A combination of traditional cookware coating's non-stick convenience, plus the added durability and safety of our ceramic coating, finally giving us Booghle.

The 2nd Problem
Caused by Coated Pans

The lifespan of all kitchen products varies depending on their frequency of use, but they eventually become damaged or lose their coatings, requiring replacement every 6 months to 1-2 years.

The Average Number of
Coated Frying Pans the Average Person Will Go Through

  • Average Lifetime Fry Pan Consumption Cost: $3,480
  • Considering the Average Fry Pan cost of $29 x 120
  • Average Lifetime Cost of Boohgle with the 4K Exchange: $1,800
  • Considering the Exchange Price of $15 x 120

"Take the initiative with us to protect our loved ones, our homes, and our future."

Protecting Our Planet

Boohgle's Support for
a Sustainable Future

By joining our exchange program, you can help preserve the Earth's limited resources and continue to buy premium, safe and environmentally friendly cookware at remarkably low costs for a lifetime.

4K Initiative Process

  • 01
  • Box up and send in your used Boohgle cookware to replace it with the latest new products

  • 02
  • 50% of new products will be made with used Booghle material, protecting the environment and perserving resources

  • 03
  • Supporting skilled craftsman, local jobs and ensuring quality products

  • 04
  • A new start to a healthy and safe cooking lifestyle with Boohgle.


It's a Challenging Road,
But Together We'll Make it

While it may be more difficult and costly to repurpose old materials to create new products, we believe it is important to address sustainability, developmental and reliability issues. Thus, we embarked on the 4K Initiative.

Even though we haven't been around for a long time, we are passionately convicted to this project. We hope that the short and long term benefits will outweigh the costs for you as well.

Interested in joining or learning more about
protecting the Earth and our futures with the 4k Initiative?