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Grill Pan - Black


What's Included

Superior, Sensible, Safe Grilling For all your Meaty Needs

Designed with meat in mind, oil moves freely between our interwoven ridges for a satisfying and uniform sear.

Powerful Utility Meet Boastful Comfort

Equipped with a double locking safety mechanism, silicone padding for easy gripping and natural scratch resistance, you’ll wonder where this has been your whole life.

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

99.9% antibacterial silicone + complete detachability make this one of the cleanest lids on the market when it comes to dirt and grime removal.

Pop-On Pop-Off Lid for Easy Storage and Comfort

Pop the handle on for an unbreakable yet comfortable grip or slip it off when you’re ready to put it away. Guaranteed to never break its seal unless you want it to.

What Makes our Pans The Perfect
Kitchen Solution?


Interwoven Grill Surfacing

Our grill pan is uniquely engineered to allow oil to flow freely beneath the surface of your food, making way for a magnificent sear with all the crispiness of a 5 star steak house.


Superior Materials

99.9% anti-microbial infused detachable silicone makes cleaning safe and a breeze while remaining completely machine washable while our cast aluminum cores keep things light as a feather.


Ergonomic Detachable Handle

The Key to making it all possible. Swap comfortably and easily between your Boohgle pots and pans or tuck it away neatly inside your stacked cookware when it’s time to put it all away.


Dedicated To Safety: The Healthy Choice in
True Non-Stick Coating

Boohgle Patented Catalytic Flouro-Ceramic Hybrid Coating
Brings Healthy, Long Lasting Non-Stick To A New Level.

Big Savings Meets a Better Kitchen with Our Sets


Cookware Set

$138.00 $175.00

Say goodbye to cookware clutter, troubling cooking fumes and disingenuous promises of healthy nonstick coatings. Our full sets come equipped with an arsenal of healthy, green storage friendly cookware.


A Line Up Of Benefits You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Boohgle isn’t just another pan; it’s a revolution on your stovetop, combining form, function, and sustainability in one sleek package.”

“It’s innovation, and a genuine commitment to enhancing the culinary experience.”

“It isn’t just another pan; it’s a revolution on your stovetop.”

"If there's one name that's setting the gold standard in contemporary kitchenware, it's Boohgle."