Practicality In Design

We’re on a mission to not just raise the bar in design and functionality, but make goods that simply make your life a better, healthier one too.   



Boohgle products are made with the highest level of focus on health and safety, ensuring not a single toxic chemical ever reaches your body.

No more reasons to worry about what's getting in to your body.



Innovative Utility implemented from top to bottom that will have you second guessing how you ever got along with ordinary cookware in the first place.

Easy dishes, easy storage, easy cooking.



Cookware doesn’t need to take up every inch of your kitchen space storage, Booghle makes that space yours again.

Take boohgle back from a full set into a single square.

Cookware Made for you,
Cookware made for our planet.

Non-Toxic to the Core

We are completely toxin, lead or cadmium free and much more while remaining completely rust proofed to keep heavy metals and toxic chemicals out of your body permanently.


Boohgle takes the initiative when it comes to sustainable manufacturing, ensuring every new piece of cookware is produced using 50% recycled material.

Quality Manufacturing

We work hand in hand with our manufacturers in Korea, ensuring we always know what does or doesn’t go in our products while maintaining healthy and safe working conditions.

4K Sustainability

Boohgle is peerless in it's recycling efficiency and usefulness with the 4K project, providing sustainability and long term benefits for all users.